Hire Smart – Hire Safe
Nationwide Pre-Employment Screenings

Business owners and their management tend to hire people on gut feelings and face value.  Unfortunately, that bright and eager smiling job applicant may turn out to be yourpersonal nightmare.

Government hiring standards require employers to use “due diligence” in hiring of new employees.  “Negligent hiring” (failure to search background) can cost you thousands of dollars and lost reputation in costly lawsuits.

Our pre-employment screening report meets governmental “due diligence” standards.  We design our Screening Program to fit the special and budget needs of each client. We furnish you with all documents and applicant release forms needed to meet the standards of  legal responsibility. Your privacy is insured by secured, monitored fax lines.

Pre-Employment Screen Services Include:

  • Criminal & Civil Investigations
  • Records Researched Nationwide